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Maybe they had sex before with one person but only a couple of times.

Maybe they have slept with a couple of people but only in committed relationships. If you’re a virgin who regularly dates non-virgins, then you’re going to date people who have all kinds of sexual histories.

And maybe one day you’ll snap and call them a whore or accuse them of not taking sex seriously, etc.

Secretly, your anger won’t be satisfied until you’ve brought them around to your way of thinking and shamed them for the times they stepped away from it. In fact, they their past, or your plan will work and they will feel really horrible about it. If they start defending their past, it’s going to push the two of you farther apart.

Mike is web software developer by day, and is in school to become a psychologist.

Maybe they waited for a while but recently started having sex. Some may have balance factors, and some may be completely unbalanced with you (read: lots of torrid sexual history, compared to you).

Ultimately, you may be happiest with somebody who has a sexual history that is at least on the conservative side. There is such a thing as other factors out-weighing the sexual history factor (like the fact that they’re crazy about you and complete you in every other way…that does happen).

They’re a person who really wants to make you happy and to be with you, and you feel bad for hurting them over something they can’t control now.

Say these words to them: “I’m sorry, the more I like you it just gets hard for me to think about your sexual past.

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