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The closest thing he had to a father figure was Henry, the social worker who was originally assigned to his case.

As he grew up, he fell in with a bad crowd, including gangleader Puff Dog, and fell in love with and married a young woman named Latoya.

Chad's closest friends in Harmony include Simone and Whitney Russell, Ethan Winthrop, and Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald.

His relationship with the Russell girls is complicated.

Chad's hot lead fizzled and died when it turned out Orville had nothing to tell him.

Later, Chad encountered a lounge singer named Crystal Harris, who thought he might be a child that a friend had asked to christen with her father's name (Chad Harris), but before Crystal was able to tell him anything about his past, she was gunned down with a bullet meant for Sheridan.

He lived with them until he was eight, completely unaware that he was even adopted.

On July 23, over 20 former PASSIONS stars will reunite at the The Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood, CA, for the PASSIONS FAN FESTIVAL, and you can be there!Tickets can be purchased along with addition information at passionsfanfest. Even if she doesn't want to hear it, she's got to be told. Harris (adoptive mother) Alistair Crane (biological father) Liz Sanbourne (biological mother) Julian Crane (biological half-brother) Sheridan Crane (biological half-sister) Beth Wallace (biological half-sister; deceased) Ethan Crane (biological half-brother; via adoption) Ruby Lincoln (biological grandmother; via adoption; deceased) Eve Lincoln (biological great-grandmother; via adoption) Eve Johnson (maternal half-aunt; via adoption) Vincent Clarkson (biological maternal half-cousin; via adoption / paternal half-nephew) Whitney Russell (biological maternal half-cousin; via adoption) Simone Russell (biological maternal half-cousin; via adoption) Fancy Crane (biological half-niece) Pretty Crane (biological half-niece) Fox Crane (biological half-nephew; deceased) Endora Lenox (biological half-niece) Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (biological half-nephew) James Boothe (biological half-nephew; via adoption) Miles Harris (biological maternal first half-cousin once removed; via adoption) Assaulted former boss (Howard) in L. Unknowingly committed incest with half-sister Whitney Russell.Waking up in 2006, he looks to revive his and his team's career with the help of his girlfriend and his parents.Juwanna Mann follows the story of Jamal Jeffries, the reigning 'bad boy' of basketball, whose undisciplined on-court antics land him out of the league and without any prospects.

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I gave this a 2 instead of a 1 because the title star does make a fairly attractive and physically convincing female athlete when he's not clowning around.

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