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However, elements of Adventure games have migrated into other genres, resulting in the highly successful Action-Adventure genre.

In fact, due to the recession of "true" Adventure games on the commercial market, the Action-Adventure genre is sometimes just called the Adventure genre.

There are five major "schools": Interactive Fiction: Interactive Fiction is usually defined as an adventure game which is primarily textual (though there is much debate over the exact scope of the term; some think it should refer only to purely textual games, while others, preferring to take the words "interactive" and "fiction" literally, think the term should encompass a superset of those games typically called "Adventure".

By the time that it was feasible to do such games properly, the whole notion had left a bad taste in players' mouths. In the late 2000s and early 2010s a new sub-genre of 3D adventure games emerged, so-called Environmental Narrative Games.Examples: was originally created on an early Macintosh slideshow program called Hyper Card).Later games in this genre employed pre-rendered panoramic images (often using Quicktime VR) instead of 2d slides.This would be essentially where adventure-themed games such as the would go, as they are not considered adventure games due to their use of combat and eschewal of puzzles and story. Indeed, the term Action-Adventure has become so widely used and applied to so many different types of game that it has effectively become a blanket term for games that can't be easily classified under existing generic labels.That's because, ironic to the name, Adventure Games are not about action, and as such, are not what non-gamers might think of as "adventures" in the way that adventure movies or books are often full of action, chases and danger. The genre has had a decent revival on the Nintendo DS starting with the ports of the series, as its touchscreen allows for an ideal point-and-click interface, and the fanbase includes many older players who favour puzzle and problem-solving games.

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A game genre characterized by puzzle-solving, exploration, and narrative, and a relative (or total) absence of any action or combat.