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Sexual assault on college campuses videos

SUNY has provided live training events in coordination with State Police ever since New York passed the Enough Is Enough law in 2015, which required students, staff and administrators be trained in sexual assault prevention, and all colleges in the state to adopt affirmative consent policies and amnesty policies for those who report assault.Since many states have their own laws when it comes to campus assault, Storch said it was important that the training course be easily customizable."It caused a lot of our people to wonder, what's proprietary about this? " That's just what SUNY did this April, and already more than 140 colleges and universities around the nation and in Canada have downloaded the Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Response Course known as SPARC, Gov. The free online course was the brainchild of University at Albany's Title IX coordinator, Chantelle Cleary, and the school's Information Technology Services director, Mike Bartoletti.Cleary and her team gathered the content and narrated the courses; Bartoletti built the course infrastructure using the campus' learning management system.It's up to each campus if it wants to require the course as part of freshman orientation or other annual training requirements, he said.

"This woman told her college leadership: 'I'm about to save you a bunch of money,' and the leadership turned around and said, 'OK, let's use it for live training.' That is the exact result we were hoping for." Online training is just fine, he said, especially if it's used to introduce students to a topic and gets the basics out of the way. "We've thought for a long time about ways to better train our students around sexual violence and intervention, and we know that live training is always better than recorded training," he said.Their mother, my wife, would be horrified if that happened to one of our children so I'm just as disgusted by …those assaults happened to those people, just as anyone else."Silveria began his tenure at the Air Force Academy in August of this year, succeeding retired Lt. Michelle Johnson, who had been superintendent since 2013.CBS News obtained an email Silveria sent to Air Force Academy alumni, parents and supporters the day after he appeared on "CBS This Morning." Here it is in full: Dear Academy Family, Friends and Supporters, CBS Morning News ran a two-part piece on sexual assault at USAFA earlier this week.The first segment featured cadet victims (past and present) and their claims of being retaliated against.

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"We didn't know if it would be picked up by 10 institutions, 100 institutions or 1,000," said Storch.