Stickam chat

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Stickam chat

Sarah tells Noah that Kat was found dead from stab wounds and, after the events of Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2, Sarah believes it was Noah who killed Kat.

She tells him that the neighbors saw a man with ripped clothes and a knife.

It’s “a year-old social-networking service that urges members to connect with others via live Webcams and instant chat,” CNET reports.

My Space doesn’t allow Webcams or even links outward to Stickam for security purposes.

Noah uses his Twitter to his advantage and begins asking the Observer questions through it.

Noah begins asking about each member of the Collective.

It has 400,000 registered users and is “adding between 3,000 and 4,000 members a month,” mostly 14-to-25-year-olds, the site says.

When asked who the Collective are, the Observer responds with "allofus", along with a set of black and white chess piece symbols, with two white pawns separated from the group. The Observer tells Noah that "all this" is a game that Noah is supposed to play with the Collective, and it's the Collective's move. Noah tries calling Kevin several times, saying that he knows Kevin has his phone on, due to his voicemail message. Noah covers for himself, saying that he wanted to ask about homework for their Philosophy class.While the first stream was not recorded, the other three have been uploaded as videos on the channel.Since Noah's latest stream on 11/11/12, the streaming site Stickam shut down. He talks about a dream he had where he was in a forest and believes strongly that it was Victor Park, either on the boardwalk or the Nature Trail. He talks about two journals, Milo's (which he remembers Milo was writing in when he came down and assumes is at Milo's house in Alabama) and his grandfather Karl's journal (which the Observer wants Noah to bring to Victor Park).Noah's mother believes that Mary might have killed him. He believes that it could be Mary or his mother, because they both look similar to the woman in the photo.After ignoring claims from the chat that it could be Sarah, he receives a call from Sarah herself, who is watching the stream.

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However, this was most likely mass paranoia, as there was no way that Noah could have applied these effects as he was recording.

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