What is magnetic dating

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As an anomaly, science has the responsibility of attempting to define and label the physics of the energy centers.

This has been attempted all around the globe by measuring magnetic fields and electrical impulses that may or may not be present in the area.

The Chinese understood them to be a balance between the yin and the yang and the Aborigines of Australia called them Song Lines.

Our ancestors often traveled the pathways in solitude, allowing communion between their physical, mental and spiritual being and the Divine.

The oddity about using science and technology to determine what happens at these energy centers is that the technology to make this determination already exists within each and every individual.They knew that when these energies interacted with the body’s physical makeup the traveler often experienced a feeling of enhanced self awareness and a sense of centered spirituality. The word brings to mind a spiraling energy, such as a tornado or water going down a drain.But vortex earth energy is very different because the energy of a vortex is multifaceted.Electromagnetic vortexes combine the qualities of both types to provide an energy that attracts, activates and energizes.Even though a vortex is considered by science as a geophysical anomaly, indigenous peoples from all areas of the world, knew of vortex energy and revered these locations as sacred sites.

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